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Life in the arts

Hand Painted Portraits USA

I was raised in a highly creative family, with a heritage of generations of artists, creators and textile designers. Always drawing and making things it was a natural progression for me to enter Art School. I graduated top of my class at Central School of Art and Design, London and after winning a bursary to exhibit at the prestigious Royal Society of Arts in London, England, launching  my career in Fashion Textiles and Education. I have sold my work internationally in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Japan.

       My passion for drawing and painting underpins all my design work and expands into my love of Hand Painted Portraits USA. I am as happy painting on canvas as I am hand painting my designs on fabrics and paper. I keep several sketchbooks on the go at any one time. The inspiration behind my Hand Painted Portraits USA comes from diverse sources such as the landscape here in the Southern California Desert, the tumbleweed that gathers in piles along the roadside in the wild, and the breathtaking skies that stretch for eternity, uninterrupted.

My enthusiasm for sharing my knowledge and expertise in the visual arts is what has driven me to set up my own Art School. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own Art School and I am finally able to realize that dream here at Llano Art School in Southern California.

As a ‘seasoned’ Educator my aim is to guide my students in finding their inner artist through a series of sessions from Beginner to Advanced level. My approach for Hand Painted Portraits USA starts at the fundamental level rooted in the importance of drawing, building upon a progression of skills through each level, then on to the painting classes where drawing skills will truly come into fruition.

For now, all classes are online enabling you to attend a session wherever you feel most comfortable and wherever you live. All you need to join me on this journey of discovery is a laptop or computer and an internet connection, a truly Open Mind, and some art supplies (a list of which will be shared with you when you enroll).

My motto is ‘Create Your Own Style’.

Join me on a journey of discovery and waken the inner artist in you!

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